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Working at Dragons Herbs, Natural Stacks, Peak Performance And Eating Desserts To Burn Fat with Crosby Tailor


  • The Journey begins: Sweeping the floors at Dragon Herbs

  • Meeting Ron Teeguarden and becoming a Tonic herb expert

  • Replacing fluids with Dendrobium and Rehmannia (and moderating high heat herbs)

  • Mastering the creation of desserts to lose fat and increase performance

  • Turbo Charging Your Ice-Cream Creations for Super Health

  • Working alongside Truth Calkins at the Tonic Bar

  • A great use for Bulletproof Charcoal before intense training


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Daniel Vitalis: Re-Wild Yourself


  • What is “Re-wiliding”?

  • Breeds (subspecies) of humans

  • Halting evolution with domestication

  • “Flintstone-ization”

  • Cleansing and detoxification

  • Wild vs domestic plants

  • Understanding THE TUBE

  • Mastering the basics... AGAIN.


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Ron Teeguarden - The Power of Yellow Herbs And Astragalus


  • The Power of UPRIGHT CHI

  • The History of Astragaloside IV

  • Longevity mastery through the power of telomeres

  • Why you want to regularly consume Astragalosides?

  • Why it's best to use THE WHOLE HERB, rather than just the Astragaloside IV extract.

  • Does your daily routine include these powerful tonic herbs?


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