E3 Advanced Plus - Specialized Gluten Busting Formula

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With E3 Advanced Plus, your life is about to change. Just one capsule before every meal helps:

* Support complete pulverization of gluten proteins*

* Support normal digestive function*

* Promote proper immune response to gluten proteins*

* Promote optimal health by supporting normal gut microflora*

* Support the proliferation of beneficial bacteria and inhibit other bacteria*

* Support the destruction of BT Toxins*

NOTE: There are a lot of gluten digesting products out there, but they can take 3 hours, 6 hours, or more to work, and thus, do not stop the inflammation that develops from the exposure. E3 means you can get back to living.

With the security of E3 ADVANCED PLUS, you don't have to fear hidden gluten and cross contamination.  

E3 Advanced Plus is a digestive enzyme that will break down 99% of not only gluten, but dairy, soy, nuts, fish, pea, hemp and egg within 90 minutes. That’s critical—the timeframe. Within 90 minutes. If you are gluten sensitive and you leave your kitchen, you run the risk of getting GLUTENED!  

E3 Advanced Plus is a gluten busting formula with prebiotics and probiotics uniquely designed with powerful digestive multi-enzymes proven to break down 99% of gluten. When gluten-reactive people have accidentally ingested gluten, breaking down the proteins quickly may help alleviate discomfort such as:  

*Gastrointestinal distress, bloating and gas. *Stomach problems. *Bowel troubles.

New study highlights protection from BT Toxins

Study results indicate E3 Advanced Plus protects you from GMO corn and BT Toxins. Over 90% of all the corn in this country is GMO corn. GMO corn is loaded with a substance called, BT Toxin. BT Toxin is intended to cause intestinal permeability in the insects that eat it!  

The BT Toxin is eaten by the insect. The toxins then attack the gut cells of the insect, punching holes in the lining. The BT spores spill out of the gut and germinate in the insect causing death within a couple of days.[6]  

Is BT Toxin circulating in your blood?[7]  

A study at Sherbrooke University Hospital in Quebec found BT Toxin in the blood of:  

93% of Pregnant woman tested
80% of Umbilical blood in their babies
67% of non pregnant woman.

How do you protect yourself?  

To find out, I commissioned a study to determine if the E3 Advanced Plus protective coating will also protect you from BT Toxins. Guess what! It does! 

64% of BT Toxins are completely broken down by E3 Advanced Plus! There’s nothing else I know of that can protect your gut from BT Toxin.

E3 Advanced Plus is a gluten and protein busting formula uniquely designed with powerful enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics to break down gluten proteins by targeting both internal and external peptide bonds.

This product is shown to produce 99% digestion of all 8 major antigens (wheat, dairy, soy, egg, nuts, fish, hemp, pea) within 90 minutes. The probiotic in E3 Advanced Plus, in the dosages used in our product, has been shown in a USA University study to ‘normalize cholesterol, triglycerides, and glucose where you see a reduction compared to placebo’.

This product does not need to be kept cold. It should not reach temperatures above 
130 °F54.44 °C to insure that the integrity of enzymes are not compromised. These products are sometime shipped in packages containing cold packs. The cold packs were not designed to keep the products cold. Their purpose is to help keep the cold air in and the heat out, so that the contents do not overheat. The verbiage on the bottle is in place to prevent consumers from allowing the contents to overheat. You may store your E3 Advanced Plus at room temperature and even carry it with you while traveling or simply dining out in the event that you are inadvertently exposed to Gluten.

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